Community Outreach

The International Division take initiatives to establish committees, groups, and programs to address international planning issues, to create collaboration opportunities, and to reach out to communities around the world.

Aging + Resilient Communities Committee (ARCC)

The Aging + Resilient Communities Committee is committed to advancing multigenerational planning to support resilient communities that address the life span. The Committee engages with emerging international trends on the topics of aging in community, multigenerational housing, housing visitability and accessibility, and their intersection with public health, housing access, city livability, and community resilience.

Japan Collaboration Group (JCOG)

The Japan Collaboration Group is to initiate, promote, and facilitate collaboration between American planners and Japanese planners through networking, knowledge sharing, and project partnership.

Student Grants

The International Division annually awards grants to undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a study abroad program, doing international research, or participating in an international internship program approved by their school or department.