Aging + Resilient Communities Committee

Call for Participation! 

Aging During Covid: Global Interviews

Members are invited to leverage their international networks and participate in a global project to gather first-hand accounts of how older adults internationally are experiencing their communities during the pandemic — and what that might tell us about aging and livable communities. 

Participants will virtually interview one adult over 65 anywhere in the world, and together these interview surveys will yield a diverse collection of personal stories providing global perspective on aging in community and resilient urbanism. Interviews must be completed by April 26 — interviewers who complete their interviews early by April 12 will be considered for inclusion in an APA National Planning Conference session, and all participants will be invited to contribute to the final special report & share their stories in the May 21 APA-Ohio national Planning Webcast Series webinar being planned by the Aging + Livable Communities Committee.

This is a fun way to spend less than 30 minutes & be part of a meaningful Division project! To participate you will only need to identify an interviewee with whom you share a common language, and register at the link below by March 26. You will receive the interview questions and submittal details after registering.

Register HERE as an Interviewer by March 26!


The Aging + Resilient Communities Committee is committed to advancing multigenerational planning to support resilient communities that address the life span. The Committee engages with emerging international trends on the topics of aging in the community, multigenerational housing, housing visitability and accessibility, and their intersection with public health, housing access, city livability, and community resilience.


Chair — Kate Holmquist, AICP, RLA, LEED AP ND, LEED AP BD+C

Aging + Resilient Communities Partnership

The APA International Division supports collaborations and initiatives around planning for aging in the community. The global Covid-19 pandemic has further elevated the importance of the international perspective on aging as it relates to pandemic resilient urbanism and public health. This section is being updated: please check back. 

Past Committee Achievements

The APA International Division has long been engaged on the topic of age-friendly and livable communities, with strong partnerships that have resulted in acclaimed research initiatives and multi-sectoral collaborations. This section is being updated: Please check back for more information.