Congratulations to 2023 Award Winners!

Urban Design Award

Detailed Master Plan and Urban Design of Quy Nhon University

Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Submitted by Scene Plus Architects

Starting from the core values “Responsibility – Professionalism – Quality – Creativity – Humanity” and the educational philosophy “Comprehensive – Liberal – Practice” which has been set out, Quy Nhon city’s context is on the rise. Quy Nhon University orients that in the future; the school will not only become a prestigious training institution with quality but also contribute to building the reputation of Quy Nhon City into a "science city”, under the direction of the Prime Minister, the determination of Binh Dinh province’s leader and the enthusiasm of the university.

Community Planning Award

Broadway Plan

Vancouver, Canada
Submitted by Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability Department, City of Vancouver

The Broadway Plan is a comprehensive 30-year land use plan to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities around a new subway extension in Vancouver, Canada. The Plan is the product of an extensive 3.5-year planning process involving a wide array of technical work and engagement with a broad range of residents and stakeholders.

The Plan area is central within the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations and encompasses 860 hectares (2,125 acres) of land, approximately 485 city blocks. In addition to the 78,000 residents and 84,000 jobs in the area today, the Broadway Plan is expected to create capacity for an additional 50,000 residents and 42,000 jobs.

Excellence in Advancing Social Equity Award

San Choi Cau Vong

Central Highlands Region, Vietnam
Submitted by SÂN CHƠI CẦU VỒNG ( SCCV- Rainbow Playground)

Sân chơi Cầu Vồng (SCCV), also known as Rainbow Playground, is a visionary social organization founded in May 2022, deeply committed to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children in Vietnam through architectural innovation. It prioritizes those facing socio-economic challenges. SCCV's core mission revolves around creating secure, imaginative, and inclusive play spaces for children. These playgrounds are carefully designed to cater to children's diverse developmental needs, fostering physical and mental well-being. SCCV believes in the transformative power of play and collaborates with local communities, volunteers, and corporate partners to bring this vision to life.

In its inaugural year, SCCV has achieved remarkable milestones, including the construction of five play spaces and the revitalization of educational environments for over 1,000 disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Vietnam's Central Highlands. SCCV's success is driven by the active involvement of more than 245 dedicated volunteers, and the unwavering support of 700+ local communities and corporate sponsors like Cisco Vietnam and Onpoint.

Excellence in Public Involvement Award

This award goes to Scene Plus Architects in collaboration with Hanoi Architectural University and France's National Universities of Architecture (ENSA Toulouse, ENSA Normandie, ENSAP Bordeaux) for their outstanding contributions to the "Lang Song Community-based Tourism Development" and "Nhon Ly Fishing Village" projects in Binh Dinh province.

The team's groundbreaking work involves the pioneering application of the Living-Lab method, showcasing a profound commitment to the integrated collaboration of Government, Academy, Enterprise, and Community. This innovative approach, coupled with the integration of "urban acupuncture" theory—a methodology that strategically identifies and addresses small-scale interventions to have a positive impact on the broader urban environment—demonstrates its benefits within the urban context of Quy Nhon. Moreover, their efforts aim to encourage positive participation from both the government and the community in the planning process.

The team's commitment is evident in their overarching dedication to fostering multiple perspectives and entries, showcasing a holistic and inclusive approach to planning.