International Culture & Diversity Program


The program promotes cultural exchange in the planning profession by providing a platform for professionals from diverse international backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives on planning issues and to learn from each other's experiences.

Culture includes codes of manners, address, language, religion, rituals, art, norms of behavior, and systems of belief. In the context of planning, culture includes planning culture, such as

- The tasks and subject matter of planning

- The system/framework in which planning is embedded

- The values, background, and principles that guide planning practices

Project Team and Contact

Aline Faiwichow Estefam

Salma Haoudi

Jing Zhang, AICP | Email


Cultural Exchange Across Borders Video Series

Format (length):

- virtual one-to-one interview (approximately 15 minutes)

- virtual group interview (approximately 30 minutes)

- selfie videos (approximately 5 minutes)

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, and Chinese.


- YouTube

- InterPlan (Division Publication)

Potential Questions/Topics:

- Could you share your journey of becoming a planner?

- What are your main responsibilities?

- Being a planner, what do you like about the job? What do you don’t like?

- What skills and experiences are most important for success in your work?

- What is your work environment like? How do you interact with other professionals?

- How does the planning process work in your country? Can you walk us through the typical steps involved in a planning project?