Olesia Shapovalova

Olesia Shapovalova is the Senior Expert of the Department of Strategy and International Cooperation at Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine. She has experience in UNFCCC Joint Implementation Projects between Ukraine and Japan under Kyoto Protocol (2009-2016), as an expert in the mitigation and GHG  data collection she has involved in the development and implementation National GHG Inventory System. Climate Legislation in Ukraine and policy are the main priorities of Shapovalova at MEPR such as the Climate Adaptation Strategy of Ukraine by 2030 with sectoral policies. The most important process is preparation of Ukrainian Delegation for COP26 in Glasgow, where Ukrainian Climate Initiative should be discussed.

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 Summary of a conversation with Olesia   

The government of Ukraine and Japan signed an agreement under the Kyoto Protocol to collaboratively improve infrastructure sustainability in Ukraine. (2009-2016)

Japanese expert team visited Ukraine every month to check the progress of projects and advised the Ukraine team on a variety of issues, including technology, finance, legislation, and management. Usually, each visit took 3 days. Japanese journalists also came to Ukraine to report the project progress.

The Japanese team pushed difficult projects moving forward and encouraged Ukraine staff to embrace the challenges that seem impossible to overcome and do all that can be done.