JCOG Members 

Coordinator: Jing Zhang, AICP, PTP 

Angela Hartsell, AICP
Carter Williams
Connery Cepeda, AICP 
Susannah Davidson
David McFarland III, AICP
Gala Korniyenko
Trey Gordner
George Kandathil
Heather Hubbard
Hing Wong, AICP
Kaleb Nichols
Kevin Bagwell
Kendrick Leong
Louis Alcorn, AICP
Margaret Ambrosino, AICP
Lorenzo Mastino, AICP
Melanie Marino
Jennifer Rae Pierce, LEED AP, PIBC, CIP
Sitwat Syed
Takafumi Inoue, AICP
Tetsuya Yaguchi, Ph.D., AICP, AIA
Tim Van Epp, FAICP, PP

We are in the process of developing our bylaws and establishing our leadership team. 

Representative to Japan

矢口 哲也 Tetsuya Yaguchi, Ph.D, AIA, AICP


Tetsuya Yaguchi has 20 years of professional experience as an architect/ urban designer. He worked at the AECOM San Francisco office as an associate Principal and worked on a wide range of projects in the U.S., Asia, and Middle East countries. Mr. Yaguchi currently holds an academic position at Waseda University and conducts theoretical research and urban design exercises that focus on sustaining and enhancing the built environment. Mr. Yaguchi is a certified planner in the U.S. and a registered architect in Japan and California.

Representative to Japan

井上 貴文 Takafumi Inoue, AICP


Takafumi is a planner at KUROFUNE Design Holdings where his research and professional experience in urban planning, finance, and policymaking brings a social and economic perspective to the design of the spatial and built environment across multiple scales. His current work focuses on creating a diverse and inclusive environment through spatial and real estate developments. Upon graduating from Harvard, he worked for Sasaki. Some of his past project work includes international development, campus planning in the U.S., district planning, and community engagement. 

Representative to Japan

Connery Cepeda, AICP


Connery is a transportation planner for OC Global in Tokyo, where he contributes to international development projects, including analyzing travel demand for a bridge replacement study in Honduras, and coordinating capacity-building on urban transport policy in Laos. Connery previously led teams to deliver bicycle and pedestrian master plans throughout California and Nevada for Alta Planning+Design, and before that, served as Community Planning Liaison for the Caltrans in San Diego.


Jing Zhang, AICP, PTP


Jing is a transportation planner at Morgantown Monongalia MPO, WV, where he manages the MPO's travel demand model, transportation improvement program, and transportation studies for a decade. Jing previously worked for the New York City DOT and the City of Anderson, SC. Jing is learning Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. He was a concert pianist before becoming a planner.