Photo provided by Juan Felipe Pinilla, Asociados Derecho Urbano, Colombia

Planifiquemos: Spanish phrasebook & culture insights for planners to engage Hispanic communities

Project Team
Project Outline (Draft) 

Last update: April 12, 2021

Project Name

Planifiquemos: Spanish phrasebook & culture insights for planners to engage Hispanic communities.


The Handbook attempts to achieve two complementary goals. 

  • Goal 1. Help U.S. planners overcome language and cultural barriers when communicating with Latinx communities. 

  • Goal 2. Improve U.S. planners' understanding of Latinx culture, value, architecture, and urbanism to enhance their ability to better serve Latinx communities.

It intends to be used as a language and culture reference for planners engaging or doing projects in Latinx communities, providing contextual knowledge that is important for planners to do their job right. While the Handbook is primarily for domestic uses, it can potentially benefit U.S. planners doing projects in Latin American countries.  


  • Part 1 - Spanish 
  • Part 2 - Culture 
  • Part 4 - Strategies


  • April 2021. Establishing the Project Team | Draft Outline; 
  • May - July 2021. Pilot Sections Review; 
  • August 2021. First Draft;
  • September 2021. Second Draft;
  • October 2021. Final Document.

Publication and Distribution 

The handbook will be published by the APA International Division. The publication will be free to the public. It will be distributed to APA members, planning schools in the U.S, and partner agencies. The final copy will be available on the International Division's website.