Photo provided by Juan Felipe Pinilla, Asociados Derecho Urbano, Colombia

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The Planifiquemos is a project of the American Planning Association (APA) International Division in partnership with the APA Latinos and Planning Division.

The project was initiated in March 2021 to develop a handbook to help planners better engage members of Latino communities. The initial task was to translate key terms and concepts used by planners into Spanish. The task was then expanded to introduce Latino culture in the U.S. and in LATAM countries. 

In the following months, the project was further extended, aiming to empower Latino communities with knowledge of planning. It embraced the idea that residents who understand key concepts and tools in planning can better advance their interest in the planning process. 

In August, the project team created the website based on the structure of the proposed handbook. The website was to provide more accessible and dynamic materials for all users.

The Mission

Provide useful resources for planners and members of Latino communities to work together.

  • helping planners overcome language barriers in communicating with members of Latino communities.

  • advising planners on how to involve Latino communities. 

  • sharing with Latino communities the concept, strategies, and tools in planning, helping them make changes for their best interest.

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