The University of Maryland at College Park

Clara Irazábal

Irazábal is the Director of the Urban Studies and Planning Program in the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at the University of Maryland. Irazábal has worked as a consultant, researcher, and/or professor in countries of the Americas, Europe, and Asia. She has taught award-winning planning and multidisciplinary studios internationally in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Trinidad and Tobago; and domestically in Latinx, Black, and immigrant/refugee communities. 

The University of Texas at Austin

Fernando Lara

Brazilian-American author, activist, architect, husband, father, Professor of Architecture, Director of Ph.D. Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Fernando Luiz Lara works on theorizing spaces of the Americas with emphasis on the dissemination of architecture and planning ideas beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries. In his several articles, Prof. Lara has discussed the modern and the contemporary architecture of our continent, its meaning, context, and social-economic insertion. 

Ruiz Bode Consultores

Irayda Ruiz Bode

Irayda Ruiz Bode has fifteen years of international professional experience working in more than twelve countries including the US, Latin America, and Euro-Asia. Senior consultant of development projects financed by international institutions such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank.  Her main expertise relates to inclusive design processes and planning for social infrastructure while applying resilient and sustainable practices to ensure the cultural pertinence of investments and projects.  

Inclusive Communities Project, Dallas, TX

Jennifer Rangel

Jennifer Rangel is the Planning & Community Outreach Director at the Inclusive Communities Project, an affordable fair housing organization in Dallas, TX. Her work and interests are tied to fair housing, environmental justice, historic preservation, and inclusion. She enjoys creating bilingual urban planning materials for residents and has assisted with drafting a bilingual neighborhood-led land use plan and has another one underway.

Riverside County Department of Public Health, CA

Miguel A Vazquez

Miguel Vazquez is a curious, creative, entrepreneurial, and action-oriented healthy community planner at the Riverside County Department of Public Health, CA. Miguel is intimately versed with land use, environmental planning, healthy communities, urban design, and community engagement. He is also a sporadic, hybrid artist mainly working with photography and mixed media. Miguel dreams that everyone uses the power of planning to create an equitable decision-making process.  

King County Metro Transit, WA

Penélope Lara

Ms. Lara is a senior transportation planner at King County Metro Transit, WA. She is a passionate advocate with a deep understanding of diversity and equity, with 25 years of experience working with immigrant populations on health, social justice, and equity. Ms. Lara served as a strategic advisor and cross-cultural liaison for the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox on the Advisory Council to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad. She is a seasoned spokesperson featured in Univision and Al Jazeera. 

City of Orange, CA

Vidal F. Márquez

Vidal is a planner with the City of Orange, California and the Chair of the APA Latinos and Planning Division. The APA Divisions Council recognized his work NPC workshop with their Education Excellence award in 2013, and honored him in 2020 for his leadership and support of the webinar series, Planning for Diversity in the Just City: Latinos and Planning in a Changing America. Vidal F. Márquez is a Mexican-American son of immigrants born and raised in the Highland Park community of Los Angeles.