International Planning Cultures & Perspectives Interviews

What is it about?

We interview planners worldwide, exploring their planning culture, professional journeys, and perspectives. Our goal is to establish a platform where planners from diverse backgrounds can share their experiences and thoughts through interviews. We hope this project can provide valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic planning world.

Culture in Planning:

Culture encompasses codes of manners, language, religion, rituals, art, norms of behavior, and belief systems. In the realm of planning, culture extends to:

  • The tasks of planning and how it is carried out.
  • The system/framework in which planning is embedded.
  • The values, background, and principles that guide planning practices

How to Participate?

First, let us know that you are interested. You can contact any of our team members:

  • Ali Estefam at English, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Salma Haoudi at Arabic, English, French
  • Jing Zhang at Chinese, English

Before the interview:

  1. Choose questions from our question pool or create your own.
  2. Prepare your answer.
  3. Have a test run with our team members. (optional)

During the interview:

Be yourself and enjoy the conversation. No gotcha questions. No talking points. No BS.

After the interview:

  1. We will edit the video for clarity and share it with you for approval before publishing.
  2. The interview is then published on YouTube.

Want to Join the Team?

We're seeking volunteers! We need assistance in finding participants globally and we are looking for interview hosts proficient in languages not covered by our current team members. Contact: