Interplan is the International Division's flagship publication. It covers a variety of articles, projects, and studies, as well as the division's initiatives and events.

If you are interested in writing for InterPlan, contact Susannah Davidson. Editorial guidelines can be found here.

InterPlan Editor

Lynn Abdouni, Andy Cross, Jay Skardis,

Michelle Tullo, Antonella Salmeron

2022 Fall-Winter InterPlan

- Brasilia and the Legacy of Planning Planned Cities

- The Need for Planning Theories to and from the Global South

- A Letter to American Planners

- Leveraging ESG in Real Estate to Promote Sustainable Urban Planning

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2022 Ukraine Special Issue - Volume 1

- My experiences in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

- Just Walking the Streets of Your City

- Some Opinions from Articles and Reports

2021 Winter InterPlan

- World Town Planning Day

- Women in Planning and Architecture in Qatar: A Conversation with Dr. Mark David Major

- Disaster Risk Mitigation and Recovery: An interview with Robert Olshansky, Kanako Iuchu, and Ichiko Taro

- Humanitarian Work in the Philippines: A Talk with Michael Sherman about the Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI)

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2021 Summer InterPlan

- From MIT Humphrey-APA Collaboration To International Development - An Interview with Prof. Bish Sanyal
- 2021 International Planning Award - Africa
- Greece and East Mediterranean
- Japan Collaboration Group
- Planifiquemos Project

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2021 Latin American Special Report

The Latin American Special Report is the second in a series of country/region-specific reports covering planning-related issues outside the United States. The Report includes 9 interviews with planners from El Salvador, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. (view it online)

2021 Spring InterPlan

- Humanitarian Planning Committee: Webinar Spotlight
- Beyond Jean Gottmann-Where Japan is at and will be heading for
- Turks and Caicos Islands National Physical Development Plan
- Beyond the Informal: Latin American Perspectives

- Which Way Forward? Future of the Planning Industry in Post-Conflict Syria

2020 Spring InterPlan

- The Rise of the Humanitarian Planning Committee
- The 2nd International Planning Excellence Award
- Can We Make It? -Reflections on the Discussions at WUF10
- Mapping Little Syria
- Addressing a Water Scarcity Crisis in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
- Three Transportation Nodes in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon

- Reflections on Accra’s Urban History with Lessons for Planners

2019 China Special Report

This issue of Interplan is a Special China Report, the first in a series of country/region-specific reports covering planning-related issues and projects developing outside the United States. The China Report includes 18 interviews, 5 articles, and 7 editorial notes. Read the report’s illustrated articles and interviews for insights into aspects of Chinese culture and the status of urban planning in China. (View Online)

2019 Fall InterPlan

- The First International Track at NPC
- The 1st International Planning Excellence Award
- Regenerative Urbanism: the Meaning, Challenge, and Value
- Rebuilding Tohoku, Japan
- A Tour of Small French Villages
- State-Paved Paths to Inclusion? Early Lessons from Ghana

- Energy Justice: Decentralized Energy Planning Models in Rural Ayiti

2018 Summer InterPlan

- APA 2018 National Planning Conference in New Orleans
- Backpacking in Bonifacio: Lessons Learned on the Road
- Between Sea and River: Senegal’s Historic Urban Landscape
- Rethinking resilience: Women’s organizing and adaptive capacities in self-built neighborhoods

- Brazilian Urbanism: Past, Present, and Future