InterPlan Guidelines (2021 Update)

The Interplan is published quarterly with the schedule shown below. Special reports do not follow the publishing schedule.  

  • Spring: First draft due by the middle of February; Published in March. 
  • Summer: First draft due by the middle of May; Published in June.  
  • Autumn: First draft due by the middle of August; Published in September. 
  • Winter: First draft due by the middle of November; Published in December. 

Contributors are encouraged to first send a query to Jing Zhang, the Managing Editor, before submitting completed manuscripts. Late submission will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for publication. 

Contributors should use plain English and avoid obscurity, inflated vocabulary, and convoluted sentence construction. 

InterPlan accepts contributions from planners around the world, regardless of their membership in APA. All submissions must be original, copyright-free, and exclusive to InterPlan. Each image should have a caption and credit to the author, artist, or photographer. The editorial team reserves the right to modify, reschedule, and refuse any contributions received.

Specific Requirement

Section Description and Requirement
Chair's Column -- Message from the Chair of the International Division.
Division Initiative -- Updates on the Division's Committees and Projects.
Perspective -- Personal reflection on planning-related topics across the world.
-- Length: 300-500 words.
-- Author's bio (50 words) and profile photo.
Project Exhibition -- Exemplary planning/urban design projects that are located outside of the United States.
-- Length: 1,000 - 2,000 words.
-- 5 -10 project photos and graphics.
-- Author's bio (50 words) and profile photo.
Bring Me There -- Photo documentary of a place, a region, or a country.
-- 5 - 10 photos. Each photo must have a caption of 50-150 words.
-- Author's bio (50 words) and profile photo.
Articles -- In-depth discussion of an international planning issue.
-- Length: 1,000 - 2,000 words.
-- At least 2 article-related photos or graphics.
-- Author's bio (50 words) and profile photo.
Knowledge Center -- Reviews and summaries on articles, reports, studies, and other planning relative literature.
Short Interview -- Interviews with planners with planning experience outside of the U.S.
-- Author's bio (50 words) and profile photo